Chandan Mathrawala

Review on Catch – Fairmont Sheikh Zayed Road


“The most amazing things happen when least expected” This is one saying I’ll always attach with Catch. Sooo….the story goes like this, few of my friends kept talking about it even before it opened (specially the ones who’ve tried it in New York) and I was honestly a bit mellow about it for some odd reason. More new places to try is always exciting, but for some …

Champagne party in a closet !


You know how it is every girl’s dream to have a luxurious walk in closet ? Well the recently held Luxury Closet event gave us just that, so what if it was short lived. A special VIP event took place in the lovely Kempenski Suit (Full marks for the venue, so unique and apt) giving every guest the feel of walking into a luxurious home, …

Marimekko Store & Cafe launch at the Box Park


I can never get enough of Box Park! Seriously !!  Quirky, colorful, oh so urban and eclectic with a beautiful blend of stores and cafes. I was invited to the launch of Marimekko at Box park and to be very honest…I was a bit oblivious to Finnish brands until Marimekko happened. Intrigued to see what the concept was all about; I decided to go for it ( well …