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Champagne party in a closet !


You know how it is every girl’s dream to have a luxurious walk in closet ? Well the recently held Luxury Closet event gave us just that, so what if it was short lived. A special VIP event took place in the lovely Kempenski Suit (Full marks for the venue, so unique and apt) giving every guest the feel of walking into a luxurious home, …

Marimekko Store & Cafe launch at the Box Park


I can never get enough of Box Park! Seriously !!  Quirky, colorful, oh so urban and eclectic with a beautiful blend of stores and cafes. I was invited to the launch of Marimekko at Box park and to be very honest…I was a bit oblivious to Finnish brands until Marimekko happened. Intrigued to see what the concept was all about; I decided to go for it ( well …