Marimekko Store & Cafe launch at the Box Park

I can never get enough of Box Park! Seriously !!  Quirky, colorful, oh so urban and eclectic with a beautiful blend of stores and cafes.
I was invited to the launch of Marimekko at Box park and to be very honest…I was a bit oblivious to Finnish brands until Marimekko happened. Intrigued to see what the concept was all about; I decided to go for it ( well also because I was dressed well that day, had my hair done and luckily had the right pair of heels in the car ..hence..)

But jokes apart, I’m glad I went. I was immediately impressed by the store layout, bold unconventional prints that give the brand its unique identity were very prominent. The fashion/ homeware section blended so seamlessly into the cafe, creating a vibrant ambiance.


The opening had a very successful turnout, amazing people, great vibe, delicious canapes and refreshing juices. The desserts were my favorite (well always… ) The ready to wear collection was very quite edgy and colorful showcasing summer 15 but not really my style, I personally liked their homeware collection better.



I visited the cafe a few times after and don’t doubt its growing popularity one bit. I quite enjoy their menu, full of fresh and clean eats with seasonal Scandinavian ingredients.





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