Staycation at Cove Rotana, Goodbye Spring, come back soon ! 

SURREAL !! If I have to describe my entire experience in one word then surreal is the word for it ! I seldom go on a lucky streak so when everything went better than planned it indeed felt like a dream.

Cove has always been on my staycation list, so when it worked out without a glitch  ( my friends included – which are 15 in number so you can imagine potential chaos and disagreements one can face)  it was indeed a sign of an amazing getaway.

To start with, we got a 50% discount when booking thanks to my friend’s discovery about a special offer on RAK bank credit cards… BRILLIANT! Next we get there and immediately get on to soaking the beauty of this gorgeous resort AKA mini Santorini  !! It truly felt like Greece..

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While waiting for our room, GUESS WHAT ?!!? we got lucky again, the front desk tells us that they have upgraded 3 rooms so that way we get an entire villa to ourselves which has a PRIVATE POOL !! What a cherry on the cake, as it was exactly what we wanted on a super hungover day 2..hah !

We all check into our rooms, which were lovely, comfortable, most of them had gorgeous views from the balcony. We quickly get into swimwear and attack pool. The hotel has 2, one overlooking the property and other by the beautiful lake. We spent most of our time being hippos and then went to play some volleyball by the beach until sunset ( Just kidding, my friends played while I spent time eating chips and thinking about what to have for dinner )

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My favorite time of a holiday is spent seaside, so for me the highlight of the lucky streak was the beach party that just happened to take place that particular Friday, talk about timing! Now had I not  finished a whole bottle of wine that evening I would have remembered who the DJ was. But what I do remember is that it was a gorgeous seaside restaurant as I saw many guests dining and doing sheesha, along with a dance floor for whoever likes to groove in between courses.

All in all a fun night, lots of dancing, music was great, but not such a great morning…..Oh hello lemonade!! Even an exploding head can’t get me to commit the sin of skipping breakfast and I’m so glad I didn’t. The spread was massive, continental, Indian, Arabic, live stations, you name it. Took me 3 servings to realize that I should have come with a camera..Oh well..

Lastly the rest of the day was spent in our private little pool with breezers, laughter and pictures galore.
I rate this the best staycation I’ve had till date and would recommend it to anybody who’s craving a getaway.

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