Castor oil for long lashes

I simply love unconventional beauty tips!! They are the best.

I often get complimented for my lashes and although I thank my genetics for it, I have no qualms about sharing a little secret with those who ask. I read about castor oil for long healthy lashes a long time ago and it totally works! Its a tip I’ve been following for many years now, since its so accessible, economical and effortless.

So I do this couple of times a week. You could do it 3 -4 times as well if you’re ok with not wearing eye make up post application.
Take a tiny drop of castor oil on the tip of your finger and rub it against the tip of your thumb. Now simply smear along the lash lines and gently run the oiled fingers through the whole length of the lashes, both above and below. Repeat on the other eye.

Make sure you don’t use too much of it as castor oil can feel slightly heavy on the lids, a tiny drop is all that you need. I also don’t recommend you do this at bed time, as most of it may get absorbed in the pillow or might make your lids feel a bit sticky when you wake up in the morning.

I do it on quiet days when I’m not required to wear any eye make up, and if at all something comes up, I simple wipe off the excess from the lids and sides of the eyes and compensate by wearing bright lipstick and blush 😉
Lucky for me the oil gives an illusion of mascara.

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