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This place is a tick in sooooo many boxes….I’m delighted !  I’ve almost never come across a restaurant that’s perfect for cheat days !! I mean along with being whole and organic its gotta be satisfying and delicious too and Tribeca offers just that. A menu devoted to REAL food , one that you can indulge in with a good conscience (well except for the dessert may be) How I wish it was closer to where I live, it would have motivated me to hit the gym more often.


Located in the beautiful JA Ocean View hotel in JBR ( which is a 4 star surprisingly) with an ambiance so quirky, its instantly inviting. You’ll see super creative wall art, sneakers hanging off open pipes on the ceiling, that beautiful mask making the perfect centerpiece and a giant screen where you can sit back, sip your beers and watch a movie. This place totally fills the gap between relaxed and fancy. The only con I would mention is that their service is quite slow, not a place to visit of you don’t have minimum 2 hours at hand.

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Now..the best part A.K.A What we ordered ! 

– King Prawns with coconut cream and grilled polenta –  Quite nice, great balance of flavors, I liked it but let me tell you it isn’t Wow!
– Salmon tartare – This dish is Wow !! I really recommend you try it. But the problem is, at this point Tribeca’s menu on zomato and their website isn’t updated, so I’m unable to check and finding it hard to recollect what exactly the sauce was, however its one of the freshest, most delicious salmon tartare I’ve had.

Classic Cesar salad – Classic indeed ! This salad could be a meal in itself. Generous portion, tender chicken, super fresh lettuce, perfect dressing, crispy Italian bread, and loads of Parmesan..Yummm!

Margherita pizza – If you haven’t stuffed yourself with the appetizers, this next level Margherita pizza is the perfect portion for one to wolf down. The mozzarella and tomatoes are so well balanced, the cheese isn’t overpowering at all. Sprinkled with fresh herbs, this pizza is going to keep calling me back. I was so engrossed that I forgot to take a pic of it…Oh well !

Salmon fillet with sweet potato fries – The menu says with veggies but I asked for mine with sweet potato fries, an intelligent swap I say. Protein rich delish fillet with crispy fries, such a guilt free satisfying meal, I can’t rave enough.

Chocolate Molten Cake 
– Something I guess one can never go wrong with. Except for the fact that it took 20 mins to reach our table, the wait was quite worth it. Full marks for presentation and a golden star for the taste. The cake, warm from the outside gooey from the inside, ice-cream perfectly complementing which came with a cone to stow the ice-cream in …..coz you know…. life is short, what if we felt like having the ice-cream in a cone with a piece of the cake put on top in every bite ( OMG !! Why did I not have it this way?!?!  )

In summary, great place bridging many gaps in the Dubai restaurant scene. The cheesecake looks so unique, so do try it and let me know how it was.

Tribeca at Ocean View Hotel JBR
tel: +971 50 345 6067


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