Season’s ‘IT’ cut & Mani Pedi Review at The White Room Spa

Intimate, stylish and feminine, the ambience is an instant mood makeover the minute you step in. I’ve experienced the effects of tranquil white before but this one’s uniquely uplifting. I was booked in for the ‘IT’ haircut of the season and for a classic mani pedi. Let me talk about the haircut first.


The ‘IT’ cut

So I thought to myself, summers will be here soon and my hair that I seldom do anything drastic with should sort of represent the season in a non-radical way. Now those who have predictable straight hair like mine, we know there are such few options to play around with.  What?? Get layers you said? WOW ! Why did I not think of that before…

Layers is the answer, the question doesn’t matter #StraightHairGirlProblems. What matters is how efficiently the stylist gives your hair layers. Not too many, not too high, not too flat, it sounds simple but is an art.. really. Below are a few points I use as benchmark, you could too:

  • Keeping the length – The volume of the bottom most segment is a make or break, so play close attention to it, that’s the first step the stylist takes. Make sure that’s a big bunch to trim.
  • Not going too high up – makes your mane look scanty ( and me personally like a teenager)
  • Giving texture – This is an underrated art not many realize, but having the right texture in the ends decides how voluminous your hair look when sitting still.
  • Front layers – If it doesn’t look like Rachel Green’s, nothing else qualifies. Although my hair in the pics below are styled and you don’t see them, but front layers come into play when your hair isn’t styled, so they ought to naturally fall around your face effortlessly.

Hair at The White Room

The hair stylist was a lovely lady named ‘Duniya’ one the few stylists I’ve met who followed every reference image and directions to the tee. She maintained the length, gave me the right layers and the texture is something my hair hasn’t seen in a long time. She did a brilliant job and unlike most women, I continued to be in love with my cut even after its honeymoon period ended.

Cost – Trimming AED 70, Styled Cut- AED 120 & Blowdry- AED 65. (Hair wash & air dry included in all kinds of cuts)
Stylist – Duniya
Products – They use everything Loreal. Although I follow a no chemicals policy to tame my mane and use herbal oils and shampoos, so I carried my own.
Rating – 9/10



After one month


Classic Manicure & Pedicure

This one was pretty standard, filing; soaking; cuticles and painting. My therapists were both lovely, what was particularly impressive was their color wall that had some pretty unique colors, and I decided to go with 2 unusual ones.

I went for ‘ANGORA CARDI’ for my finger nails which is somewhat like a dark burgundy and ‘ STRUT YOUR STUFF’ for the toes with ‘NIGHT ON THE TILES’ as the glittery French tip.
I’m quite edgy when it comes to nails and always experiment. It’s easier to pull of something quirky with toe nails as it’s convenient to conceal with closed shoes when going formal.

Cost – Classic – AED 60, French – AED 70
ColorsAngora Cardi, Strut your stuff and Night on the Tiles
Nail Polish – Essie and Ciaté
Results – 9/10
Other comments – A small negative is that it felt a wee bit longer than it should.



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The White Room Spa is located at The Marina Mall, Motor City and in JLT – Cluster U

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