Guest post for FTG Magazine – Satin Skirt Trend

We are all out crazy for this skirt trend – and yes – there’s one for every body type!
Versatility is a common talking point we come across when speaking of seasonal trends. While we love drooling over designer creations on the runway, the ones we truly resonate with are the trends we can see ourselves work through a few seasons in several different ways.

If you’ve missed out on the satin skirt trend the first time around, not to worry, it’s not only here to stay but now available in so many beautiful summer colours and prints. If you like fashion and function to be balanced then this is a good trend go-to. Come rain or shine, they truly can be an all year round wardrobe staple, once you factor in some layering for the winter months.

Styling tips
If handled incorrectly the trend can easily look unflattering and drab, and so we’ve put together a foolproof satin skirt analysis to conduct before your next purchase.

Look now, they come in every cut humanly imaginable, from midis to maxis to wrap to pleated and ruffled too. We say the most versatile of then all are the midi lengths which is also pretty much the thing this season. While a midi satin skirt is well suited to most body types, it’ll probably do more harm to a petite frame than good – In that case go for a straight cut maxi and whether you choose to wear heels or boots it will still give your frame a nice tall silhouette.

While shades of browns, blacks and creams have been around for some time, spring made an entrance with all kinds of popping colours and prints (cow print anyone?) whatever you choose make sure you have options of tops, jumpers and jackets in your wardrobe to go with.

Prints or plain
Most single colours will definitely last you all year around, but if you’re the kind who wants to be en vogue there are no rules of owning just one piece.
Try on a few prints – leopard, floral, the new surprising cow print (if you’re feeling adventurous) or try on a metallic one. See which one flatters you the most and don’t forget to think of what shoes and other accessories would you pair with it.

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